Hiking Chat

When thinking about hiking, you may imagine a lot of travelers with outsized backpacks through epic mountains for several weeks. Hiking can also be a fun trip. Hiking should be properly planned to prevent unwanted things along the way. Make sure that all lists are executed properly. You need to follow hiking guides to minimize the unwanted occurrences. These are the steps that you need to do:

  1. You should decide the distance you want to hike.  If you are a beginner, you can choose the trails that can be done in a day. It may not require you to bring additional change of clothes or pack a tent.  Choose a hike trail based on the time that you have. You can use the entire Sunday or just a few hours on a Wednesday afternoon.

  2. You should decide if you want to hike solo or with your friend. Hiking solo can be mobile meditation for you. You can enjoy your trip by yourself. But, it is more dangerous. You should solve anything happen when you are on the trail. Hiking with a friend can be a nice idea if you are little bit frightened. It is essential to have good companion for your hiking trip so you can enjoy every minute of your trip.

  3. You should decide your starting level. This is an important part of hiking guides. If you are a beginner, you can start slow and choose places around your town. Choose the place that can allow you to stop when necessary and get back home quickly.  Sending yourself on 8-hour hike through the unmapped backwoods is not right option for beginner.

  4. Choose your hiking location

You can find a park that looks like fun by driving around your town.  You can also ask your coworkers if they know the good spots for hiking. You can also search the nice spot on Trails.com. You just need to write your zip code and find the hiking trail.  This world is full of awesomeness and hiking trails.

  1. You should make somebody else know that you are hiking. Do not forget to do this since it is one of essential hiking guides. If you choose hiking alone, you should take the time teel somebody and let him know that you will be hiking and the time you suppose to be back. You should make somebody know the important details, so if you do not go back by a certain time, they will alert the proper authorities.

  2. You should prepare what to wear. Choose the right footwear for you. You can wear hiking boots or sneakers. Boots are specifically designed for hiking. But, they are heavy. If you choose sneakers for hiking, you should be careful on slippery surfaces. Just ensure that your feet are prepared well for hiking. Do not forget to socks. Socks will make your feet more comfortable. Choose the good socks that won’t make your feet sweaty and gross. You need to choose your pants based on your environment.  If it is cold, shorts can keep you shivering. If it is hot, choose pants that are light weight and dry quickly. For a comfortable temperature, you can wear jeans. Wear a shirt that can keep you sweaty and comfortable. You can bring very lightweight jacket so packing it is not a hassle. 100% waterproof jacket will keep you dry when it rains. Jacket also keeps you warm when it is chilly. Wearing a hat can protect your face from the sun. Preparing proper outfit is one of crucial hiking guides.

  3. Prepare your backpack. Your backpack will depend on the weather, adventure, and obstacle of your hiking. If you won’t be hiking with too much stuff, you do not need to buy extra large backpack.

  4. Prepare your cellphone. Do not forget to fully charge your cellphone. Your cellphone can help you in case of emergency. If you have a smartphone, it can do multitask. You can use it as distance tracker, compass, mapper, and others. If you do not have smartphone, you can a GPS system or compass.
  5. Prepare your camera. Do not forget to take a camera in your bag. You can capture the moment to look back at your home. You will have photos to be memorized. Bringing camera is optional on hiking guide if you prefer to take picture with your smartphone.