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Duck Hunting Tips

duck hunting tips

Are you interested in hunting duck? Hunting is not difficult, but you should know the trick so you can get the ducks quickly. There are several things that should be considered. Before going hunting, you need to learn about the guides of hunting duck. By learning duck hunting guides, your hunting experience will be more pleasurable. If you are lucky, you will get what you want. At this time, you will be more familiar with the basics on how to hunt duck. There are five steps that should be considered.

  1. Find your friend if possible.

Not like other kinds of hunting, hunting a duck is commonly a social event. You’re not going to visiting your local tomahawks sale if duck hunting is your only plan. Certainly, it does not mean that it should include slamming back beers, spending hours in a swamp, and prance loudly with your best friends. In fact, you may won’t be doing those things when you are on the hunt. The point of the event is you can link up with several experienced hunters to help you get started. Like most social events, there will be hunters that stick with a firm clique. If you cannot charmingly ingratiate into the existing hunter group or you do not already know people who hunt, you should start your hunting posse. If you have a mentor on the process of learning, hunting duck will be considerably easier. Having mentor will make you far from impossible thing. You can also learn more about duck hunting guides.

  1. Prepare the gear

Before heading out the real hunt, you should ensure that you can do the background work. Educating yourself is a part of this. You should know about how to start duck hunting. You should also learn what you need to hunt. You should know the appropriate guns, clothing, and others. You also need to get the permits and licenses to hunt in your selected area. Do not hunt illegally. Seeking permits and licenses can be pricey in terms of money and time. But, you should have them for more conveniences. It is an important step on duck hunting guides. Hunting is a regulated sport with some restrictions to conserve the duck populations, protect overzealous hunters and protect the rights of landowners. There are some places that are not allowed as hunting area. Besides learning the regulations, you should also prepare the equipment. There are several duck hunting equipments. These are the basic checklist that you will need:

  1. Waders. If possible, look for chest high waders. Chest high waders are not like hip waders. Chest waders will make you stay dry when you sit down. It will make you more comfortable.

  2. Decoys. Decoys are very useful wherever you hunt.

  3. Guns and Shells. A hunter’s gun will make your experience more enjoyable. If you do not know what gun to opt, you can choose a 12-gauge chamber with 3-inch magnums. This option is a standard. You should buy steel shells since lead is not allowed. There is a shooting tip that should be considered. You need to skip Skybust. Do you know Skybust? Skybusting is a common term of shooting ducks that are too far away. Skybusting will waste your time and ammunition. Skybusting is something forbidden on duck hunting guides. If you want to shoot a duck, you should stay patient. You need to come closer. The prime shooting range is around 20-30 yards.

  4. Camo. Camouflage represents anything that can help you blend with the surroundings. Camouflage is often thought with army green. But, for duck hunting, it usually means brown. Do not forget to wear a facemask. Your beaming and bright face are a worrying sign for the Ducks.

  5. Duck Calls. Duck call will help you. You need to know how to use it. Make sure that your duck call is handy.

  6. A boat and a dog. These are optional. But, they are undeniably useful. A boat can increase your potential hunting area. A boat will allow you to hunt to the water. A dog will help you retrieve the ducks.

  1. Find a spot. You need to move from one area to another. Ducks will not get back for a while if their friends are lost. Do not stop only n an area.

  2. Differentiate the ducks. You completely should know the duck species that are allowed to be legally hunted anywhere. It is because not all ducks are allowed to be hunted. You are not allowed to hunt some duck species at during some seasons. It is very important to refresh yourself about duck hunting regulations for the planned hunting region on each single season to know what ducks are available for hunting. It is also important for you to know the different species of ducks, so you will not get wrong ducks.

  3. Get the duck. This is the last step on duck hunting guide. Once you have got the ducks, you need to do breasting. Remove the breast meat and freeze until you are ready to eat. You can cook it as you want. You can also pluck and gut the whole body of the duck and directly cook it.