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Camping Good For Health

Most people who are tired of the city will go camping. Camping is also an option for those who are ready for an adventure. Camping allows you to completely focus on a hobby for several days. You can enjoy hunting, biking, hiking, and other outdoor activity. You might not recognize is that camping is able to help you live longer. Camping allows healthier life. These are the reasons why camping trip is good for health:

1. Fresh Air

You will take in more oxygen when spending your time near a lot of trees. Your body can function well when there is a lot of oxygen. You will also get the feeling of happiness when you take the first breath of fresh air at the campground. According to a research, sometimes outdoors can develop blood pressure in your body, provide immune system an extra boost, and improve digestion. If you spend several days outside, you get great health benefits from low levels of pollutants and extra oxygen.

2. Socialization

Camping trip is pleasurable if you bring your family member or friend. You will enjoy a great experience together. This kind of happiness can help youmaintain a happy and healthy relationship. Socialization is able to extend your lifespan. Some close relationships will make life more fun. You need to invite four or five friends on your next trip.

3. Less Stress

Camping can allow you to manage stress. Stress will negatively affect your health. You can get some stress-free time for several days at the campsite. The lack of stress is also associated with the rise of oxygen levels, serotonin levels and melatonin levels. There will be emotional component works since it is harder to be angry or annoyed when you are happy

4. Improve Moods

Regular campers often talk about a few days back from a camping trip. They seem happier. Spending your time outside in the sunlight can out the melatonin levels in your brain. Melatonin is a chemical that can make you feel tired. It can encourage the feelings of depression. By camping, you will enjoy better moods during and after the trip.

5. Sunshine

Sunshine will give benefit to your skin. You are taking Vitamin D, when you are out in direct sunlight. Vitamin D will allow your body to absorb phosphorous and calcium. It is good for your bones.

6. Exercise

You will spend a lot of time doing physical activities. Even you are only fishing, you will burn more calories than you burn by sitting in an office. If you bike or hike, you are doing cardiovascular exercise that can help safe your lungs and heart healthy. The activity levels on camping trip can be various. Hikers can burn from 120-300 calories each hour and bikers can burn burn 300-500 calories each hour. Fishing can burn your calories up to 200 cal each hour.

7. Good Night’s Sleep

You will feel fast asleep after a day with some outdoor activities. Sleep can affect all of your body processes. It can improve your cardiovascular system and decrease inflammation. Many campers say that they have better sleep after they return for a trip.

8. Meditation

When going camping, it is better for you to turn off your cell phone. Yu can leave the laptop and the tablet at home. You should try to enjoy the simplicity on the natural surroundings and.disconnect with your work for several days.

9. New Challenges

The camping trip is various. The challenges are not exactly the same. A study shows that new experiences can help to keep your brains healthy. New activities that are intellectually and physically stimulating can provide the great effect on brain health.