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6 Great Outdoors Locations In US

Camping is very nice idea to blend with nature. You can huddle together around a campfire and look at the glowing stars on the sky. Singing and dancing together are also great options to enjoy your night. If you are sleepy, you can go to your tent. After a few hours, you can wake up on early morning sunlight with the sweet sound of birds tweeting and breathe with fresh air. Camping is very interesting. If you want to spend your holiday with camping, you need to find great outdoors locations. These are the best places to camp. You can learn the features of each place, the costs, and the best time to visit.

Badlands National Park (South Dakota)

The scenery is completely beautiful. This park is ideal for stargazing. There are two campgrounds in this park: Cedar Pass and Sage Creek. The campgrounds are available year-round. The entrance fee for each vehicle is $15. It can be used for seven days. The costs of campsites at Cedar Pass are $13 each night for each site. You should pay $30 each night each site with electrical connection. The campsites at Sage Creek are free.

Minnewaska State Park Preserve (New York)

Minnewaska State Park Preserve is an ideal place for outdoor adventurers and nature lovers. The park is surrounded by rugged, rocky terrain. It has several waterfalls, sheer cliffs, tightly wooded forests, three crystal clear lakes, and ledges. The views are very beautiful. You can try technical rock climbing or horseback riding. There are 26 walk-in spots and 24 drive-in spots. Camping is available on mid-May until mid-November. Nonmembers should pay $38.

White Mountain National Forest (New Hampshire)

If you are searching for more rustic experience, White Mountains are the best choice. It is one of great outdoors locations. The hiking is fairly rugged. The sights are mainly astonishing in the fall when the shades of the foliage turn orange, red, and yellow. The forest owns 24 drive-in campgrounds and eight walk-in campgrounds. Tent camping is allowed except in areas that are noted no-camping. Forest is available year-round. The passes for daily are $3 and weekly are $5. Campsites cost is various from $18-$24 each night. You can use backcountry tent camping for free.

Acadia National Park (Maine)

Maine is famous as Pine Tree State. It has17 million acres of forest. It also owns 32,000 miles of rivers and streams. There are also around 6,000 lakes and ponds that make Maine as a camper’s paradise. Acadia National Park is the best place for nature lovers. If you want to get unique experience, you can hike to the top of Cadillac Mountain. You can be the first person in the United States to enjoy the sun rise that morning. You need to write this place on a list of great outdoors locations. Acadia National Park has three campgrounds, such as: Schoodic Woods, Seawall, and Blackwoods. The visitors can hike throughout the entire park. Schoodic and Seawall cost $22 for a walk-in site, you should pay additional cost $8 – $18 for camper, drive-up tent, and motor home sites. Blackwoods costs $30 each site for each night from May until October, $15 in November and April. This campground is free from December to March.

Green Mountain National Forest (Vermont)

You can try finding a camping spot close by Vermont’s Long Trail. Forest provides five developed campgrounds. There are no electrical connections, so you should prepare. The accessibility of the campground is various by season. Some campgrounds need a reservation. The backcountry camping is permitted anywhere in the park except particularly posted. This campground is always open year-round. This place does not put entrance fees. Most campsites are free of charge. The Green Mountain Club has around 70 campsites on the Long Trail.

Shenandoah National Park (Virginia)

The park has over 500 miles of trails. Some trails contain magnificent viewpoints or waterfalls. The toughest route in the park is the 8-mile hike to Old Rag Mountain. But, the track rewards hikers with amazing views. It is one of great outdoors locations for challenge lovers. The park has four campgrounds that are open in summer, spring, and fall. Backcountry camping is allowed for free. You are recommended to reserve the site. This campground is available year-round. Parts of road will be closed during bad weather and at night during mid-November up to early January (deer-hunting season). The entrance fee is $20 for each vehicle. It can be used for seven days.